Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the sky is not falling in... the ceiling is nearly done!

Whew! Construction for Bowie's room is nearly complete. (Then begins all the trimwork and painting... a whole new ball of wax!)

The ceiling has been framed. A structure was put in place for the corrugated metal to be screwed to. The origami ceiling was divided into three triangles.

Next, the (non-load bearing) beams and corrugated went up. All the angles made for interesting times... and for the record -- a compound miter saw alone doesn't cut it. Oh, Home Depot Fairy... please bring us a sliding compound saw!

Just a small section of the ceiling remains to be completed. Here you can see where the three triangles meet the tippy-top of the tall wall. Inside the triangles, more beams are added to cover the seams of the corrugated.

We have to do a bit of finishing work yet... the edges where the corrugated meets the beadboard and plank walls needs to be covered. But really, just another day of "construction" to do before we can start trimwork. Oh, and running the electricity up to his room...

Bowie already loves hanging out in his room. We are certain he will love the finished product.

Friday, March 12, 2010

four! four bookcases! ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

Since the two bookcases looked so nice in Bowie's room, we decided to add two more. I always pictured a full wall of bookcases anyway. So, another bookcase was added on either side of the first two. Due to the slope of the ceiling, these had to be a wee bit shorter.

I love the way the beadboard looks on the inside. It is a nice detail.

Next up... tackling the nightmare origami ceiling! This weekend, framing will begin to support the corrugated metal that will be installed.

Bowie was so excited when his ceiling fan arrived. He wanted to open the box right away. I think it is very encouraging that he wants to spend so much time in his new room, even if it does look like a war zone in there!