Friday, April 30, 2010

fireplace re-do part three: record shelves

Some bloggers chose to reveal the project at the very end with a big TA - DA!!! But because we believe in DIY and showing how you can tackle things, I like to show incremental progress.

That said, here is where the living room fireplace is now:

The record cases are installed on top of the cabinet. (Each shelf holds 150 records, times 12 shelves.) The mantel work has begun. And the framing for the chimney is started. (The rectangle in the middle is where the TV will go).

We had theorized that the beams looked like they were detaching from the ceiling... this proved to be true. The beams were reattached and a few missing trim pieces will be replaced:

The top of the record case will be trimmed out a bit. The top was notched out to accomodate our existing crown molding. This will look so nice when finished out. I decided to stain all the shelves and paint the rest:

Here is the beginning of the mantel. This mantel is being built up in layers with different decorative molding pieces. It has a ways to go, but I think it will look great when done. It will actually get a few more layers. I decided a big chunky mantel was needed since the chimney was so tall. A small mantel wouldn't have stood out:

Next up, making the cabinet doors. We will be using 1 x 2s and some decorative metal sheets. Instead of knobs, I ordered ice box latches for a period look.

The top of the chimney will be covered in planks, TV bracket installed, wiring ran, sconces installed, wood filling, sanding, painting, etc etc etc...

Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

fireplace re-do part two: custom cabinets

For the fireplace, I know vaguely what I want... Cabinets to store components in, as well as board games and such. Shelves that go all the way to the ceiling for our record collection. Cleaning up and painting the brickwork. Creating a mantle. Boxing in the chimney with planks, and creating a built-in for the flat panel TV.

I didn't do any detailed drawings. I wasn't sure how the angles and lines would come together... so we are flying by the seat of our pants on this one.

This is the space for the cabinet and shelves:

Yesterday, the cabinet was built. Stock cabinets at the hardware store didn't have the right dimensions, and we didn't want to have to cobble something together. Custom was the only way to go, in this case. My requirements were simple -- it couldn't have a toekick, because early cabinets went straight to the floor without a kick space. It needed to include two functional vents (just like we did in Bowie's room), since there was an existing vent there.

So here is what we have so far: (Obviously, doors are yet to come).

To make the shelves a bit chunkier, decorative molding was added:

I really am a sucker for a mitered corner. The counter of the cabinet wraps around into the fireplace. It makes for a nice finishing touch:

I ordered icebox latches for the doors. Also, the doors will not be solid wood. Since we are using the space for components and will want the remotes to work, I chose decorative metal screens for the centers of the doors.
I plan on painting the cabinet the same color as the fireplace bricks and staining the counter top to much the trim in living room.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pottery Barn tables... for half the price!

With the fireplace work in full swing, demo and dust everywhere... it is the perfect time to buy furniture, right?

Let's just say I get a little impatient.

I am on the look out for accent chairs -- preferably in the pink persuasion... But am still honing in. Our new Chloe sofas should be arriving this weekend. But what I really wanted to share with you is another bargain find!

This is the "Rhys Side Table" from Pottery Barn, for $399:

I ordered the "Norwich Two Drawer Side Table" from Overstock for $182.99:

Two tables for the price of one? Hells yeah! Also, Overstock has knock offs of the media, console and coffee tables. After assembling them, and having to move them around, Steven can assure you they are heavy duty! Very heavy. After studying the ones at PB and these, the only difference I see if the little label holder on the PB ones. And you can pick up label holders for a couple bucks online.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fireplace re-do part one

We are all about child labor here at the Cottage of Stone. When you find adult contractors that will work for milk and cookies, let us know!

Seriously, our kids actually ask to help out on our house projects, so we try to include them whenever we can. Because Bowie's room and the dining room are half-way done, I felt it was a logical time to start tearing apart the living room again. (What!?!) I don't know... I just get brilliant ideas that don't always follow a great timeline...

Since Bowie (and his crib, toys, chairs, etc) will be vacating the living room soon, I wanted to take the opportunity to get the living room presentable. Nothing like having to apologize to guests every time someone new comes over. (Sorry about the mess, we are renovating every single room in our house at the same time!!!)

We knew that we wanted to put shelves in the living room to organize our large vinyl record collection. And the fireplace has been sitting half-way demoed for over a year. So it was time to kick it in gear again.

Here is what we started with:

I never understood why they put up the ugly paneled wall. So much space wasted. And I do not miss the lighthouse wallpaper!

Pulling out the boxed-in wall and cheap-o mantel (we put it for free on Craigslist) and some paint left us with this:

I am not a fan of the brass doors. So out they came:

Looking better, but we are not even close yet...

Cleaning out the ashes and grates revealed a neat trapdoor in the fireplace. This dumps down to the massive clean-out in the basement.

We wanted to salvage the granite and donate it to Habitat ReStore, but it wouldn't come off in one piece. Steven had to pry it off in pieces.

Emery helped Steven remove the side pieces.

I think even this is a massive improvement!

Next comes up the floor piece. Steven used a prybar...

While I used a hammer to break it up...

Which left us with this:

Which will lead to some of this:

Stay tuned!

Monday, April 12, 2010

construction is complete in Bowie's room...

View from Bowie's window

Springtime is here at the Cottage of Stone, and more items are getting crossed off Steven's honey-do list. (Of course, new ones are being added daily!) Great progress has been made in Bowie's room since the last update. In fact, construction has been completed! While there is a long list of things remaining to be done in his room, the walls and ceiling are finished!

Let's take a tour!

When asked what his favorite thing in his room was, Bowie said, "Mine!" I think he means he loves it all. But he did point up and say, "Shelf!" when asked again. I think the shelf really made the room. Really, it is part of the old ceiling framing that we kept in place. (It shows how much we raised the ceiling!) We added an outlet on top of the shelf that will be used for lighting.

This is the closet we kept. It is a very large closet, so Bowie will have plenty of room for his ever-expanding wardrobe.

A peak at the ceiling above his shelf. I love the beam work. I think it will look even better after we paint!

Bowie's second favorite thing is the bookcase wall. He already likes to arrange his toys on the shelves. I like that these will grow along with him, giving him space for books and such later on.

The yellow cable hanging down is the electrical for his gyro ceiling fan. I am ordering the sloped ceiling adapter and longer downrod this week. And Steven has some thinking to do on how he plans to hide the modern control unit. We feel it would ruin the look of the room and want to rely on the pushbutton switches for the lighting in the room.

And another shot of the view from Bowie's window. I didn't Photoshop or retouch this photo at all. I guess it was the natural lighting (2:00 here) that gave it the dreamy pastel tones. So pretty.