Friday, April 30, 2010

fireplace re-do part three: record shelves

Some bloggers chose to reveal the project at the very end with a big TA - DA!!! But because we believe in DIY and showing how you can tackle things, I like to show incremental progress.

That said, here is where the living room fireplace is now:

The record cases are installed on top of the cabinet. (Each shelf holds 150 records, times 12 shelves.) The mantel work has begun. And the framing for the chimney is started. (The rectangle in the middle is where the TV will go).

We had theorized that the beams looked like they were detaching from the ceiling... this proved to be true. The beams were reattached and a few missing trim pieces will be replaced:

The top of the record case will be trimmed out a bit. The top was notched out to accomodate our existing crown molding. This will look so nice when finished out. I decided to stain all the shelves and paint the rest:

Here is the beginning of the mantel. This mantel is being built up in layers with different decorative molding pieces. It has a ways to go, but I think it will look great when done. It will actually get a few more layers. I decided a big chunky mantel was needed since the chimney was so tall. A small mantel wouldn't have stood out:

Next up, making the cabinet doors. We will be using 1 x 2s and some decorative metal sheets. Instead of knobs, I ordered ice box latches for a period look.

The top of the chimney will be covered in planks, TV bracket installed, wiring ran, sconces installed, wood filling, sanding, painting, etc etc etc...

Stay tuned...


Helen said...

So glad you have chosen to show us the good, bad, ugly and everything in between ... final result should be fantastic!

sherwhy said...


Looking good! I'll be standing by waiting to see how you do your metal screens for your cabinet doors. I mentioned your idea to my husband and he thinks it's great too.

decorative moldings said...

Great project! I can't wait to see its finished product. I'm sure it would look great.