Thursday, May 6, 2010

fireplace re-do part four: the chunky mantel

I couldn't help myself... I just had to see what the shelves and fireplace would look like with some paint. So, after taping the shelves (they will be stained), we slapped a coat of Kilz primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore's "Collection's Item" on the record shelves. The color is a bit more creamy than the picture shows. More like the back of the cabinet color. I really like the color and am eager to see the project done!

In the last post, you saw the framing go up. Next the OSB went up:

And then tongue-and-groove pine planks. With the custom cabinets and shelves, the tongue-and-groove is a bit dressier than sheets of beadboard paneling. I can't afford to do a whole room in it, but just a fireplace is within the budget:

For a finishing touch, we chose 1x2s to cover the seams all the way around:

The mantel is much more chunky now! More layers of molding were added until we got the beefcake look that we wanted:

And here is where we are at now:

Next up, cabinet doors, finishing the TV built-in, pointing the grout and paint-a-rama.


Elizabeth said...

looks great! what is the size of your boards? theyi'm wanting to do this to my kitchen ceiling and this looks like the size i'm looking for....1x5? 1x6?

puck said...

They are 1x6. You have the option of having a wide plank (so your grooves would be every 6 inches), or flipping them over and you would have a groove ever 3 inches.

We have a similar thing in our bedroom, which was done in the 40s, were they did the wide plank on the ceiling and 3" on the walls.

I thought about doing the wide plank for the fireplace, but wanted to have more grooves in it, so we did the 3" groove side.

Here is a link to the product at Home Depot:

Helen said...

This is going to be a magnificent room! Very impressive .... enjoy your Mother's day Ms. Puck!

Anonymous said...

This looks so good - reminds me of my childhood home fireplace that my dad made.

Question - your bricks that go up the wall appear skewed - is this just how it was built or have some been removed? I've never see this before and it makes me curous.

puck said...

About the crooked chimney...

We have spent a lot of time staring at our weird crooked chimney -- wondering why it looks the way it does. I don't have any pictures of the interior of our house, so I really have nothing to go on. I have snapped pictures of some of Spurgeon's other fireplaces, but none really ring a bell.

I know off-set chimneys were popular in Chicago. But none of Spurgeon's other chimneys here in Kansas were like this one.

It doesn't appear that the fireplace was moved, because the base of it in the basement, where the clean-out is, is enormous and perfectly rectangular.

It looks like someone did some slap dash brick addition on the chimney portion (the part we boxed in). I doubt they "moved" the chimney over, but I suppose anything is possible.

Someone once told us that chimneys were sometimes built like that to draw better... but I cannot say for sure what is up with our wonky chimney!

niartist said...

Wow puck! This is looking really fantastic! I can't wait to see it all painted up. :)