Monday, May 31, 2010

fireplace re-do part six: the problem with the sconces

I am happy to report that the work is closing on the fireplace re-do. Steven has finished painting the wood. He is getting ready to clean up the bricks & mortar, which entails a lot of quality time with a grinder and flap wheel. Once that is all smoothed out, he can prime and paint to match the wood. After that, just staining remains.

He finished the wiring, added outlets for electrical, cable and HDMI, as well as installing the sconces.

The sconces... ugh. Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE the sconces. They look rather lovely here:

The troubles don't start until we light them up... Don't see the problem?

How about a close up? Right one:

Left one:

Apparently, some of the sconces have flowers etched into the globe, and some don't. I didn't realize this when I bought them. The problem is, I got them from IKEA when I was on a project in Sacramento. My assignment now is no where near an IKEA. The closest one to my house is in Chicago. (I live in Kansas).
Yeah. We are kind of hosed. If anyone is going to IKEA and could pick up another sconce (with the floral etched shade), I would be happy to Paypal you!!!
Until then, we have mismatched sconces, which is sort of a bummer.


Kansas_Kate said...

You might check eBay for the sconces.

The KC area needs an Ikea, a Container Store, and a Trader Joe's. A Sur la Table store would be nice too.

Katie McKenzie said...

huh, I go to IKEA all the time. I mean, my house is basically an IKEA showroom, but I don't recognize those.
That really stinks. I had a very similar problem. I bought sconces online from a retailer, and the glass bowls were apparently hand blown. I know this because one was HALF AN INCH thicker than the other! We ended up returning them and picking out a different fixture all together.

There is an IKEA in the Twin Cities... is that further than Chicago? I do have to say I'm a little surprise that KC doesn't have one, but on the other hand, I'm also not surprised at all. So many people seem to just be happy with Wal-Mart. :-/ Glad I live in a real metropolitan area now.

april said...

IKEA will often ship things if you call them. We bought bathroom sconces from our local IKEA, opened the box at home and found one was broken. The local store was out, so we called the main toll-free IKEA number, and they arranged to mail us a replacement.

If they can't/won't do that for you, let me know and I'd be happy to stop by and pick one up to ship to you. Email me if you're interested: apriltaylor at gmail dot com

camdesign said...

did anyone get you that new shade, if not let me know I work 2 minute drive from an Ikea.
Regards, Carol Ann