Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm thankful for a visit from my family!

I am happy to report that my family is going me in Denver for Thanksgiving. Steven is packing up the babies tomorrow and bringing them to Denver for a little mini-vacation. I can't wait!! We will be hitting museums and an Avalanche game.
It's a nice break for him... cuz when he's back home, he needs to whip that dining room. (A house full of guests at Christmas!!!)

It is amazing how quickly the weather changes in Kansas. It is already getting cold and we have had a dusting of snow. Just a couple weeks ago, I snapped these pictures:

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I can't wait to take turns going around the table and saying what we are thankful for.
Do you have any special traditions in your family?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pretty prints

I just ordered this pretty print for my living room:
And, shhh! This is a Christmas gift for my son who loves hot air balloons:

Both are very affordable! See more at http://www.wearebrainstorm.com/

Monday, November 2, 2009

my new orange floral chair, with casters!!!

It's mine! The Angelo: Home Harlow chair in Mango!

Slowly but surely, my living room is coming together. I had some delays as the chair I wanted was on backorder for so long. But, I kept in constant contact with the designer via Twitter, and was finally able to snag one today! Yippee! At under $300, it is much more affordable than the Anthropologie Astrid chair that I fell in love with.
You might remember this mock-up I posted earlier:

On the right, there is my Harlow chair. The large natural fiber rug shown came from Lowe's. It is a 9x12 Roth + Allen chenille-jute rug in natural. It's huge and way cheaper than Pottery Barn prices. The striped rug on top is a 4x6 kilim snagged on the cheap from Overstock.

Yet to come, our queen anne sofa to be slipcovered in drop cloth material - a big job. The artwork shown has been ordered (more on that later). Oh, and pillows are in progress. I also have 2 side chairs currently covered in Amy Butler that I will be redoing in the drop cloth material.

How I love the yellow curtains. They really brightened up the room. And tie in great with the new kilim!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween with KISS!

I thought I would post up some pictures of my boys Halloween night. We did a pretty great job decorating the house, if I do say so myself. Many of the littler kids were afraid to come up onto the porch!

This year, our boys went at KISS. Putting on that makeup was harder than I thought it would be!

L-R: Gene Simmons (Emery), Peter Criss (Dane) and Ace Frehley (Satchel)

Paul Stanley (Bowie) was too crabby to try makeup tonight.

A close-up of Gene. (Satchel actually does the big tongue thing better than Emery)

The boys won Best Group Costume at the Baldwin City Halloween contest! They let them sing a song into the mic. Emery was too shy, but Satch and Dane sang "I Was Made for Loving You" and "Calling Dr Love."

We had a dress rehearsal last week when we took the boys to the Damage Control grand opening. Here you can actually see Dane, I mean, Peter Criss's makeup. I ended up buying a better makeup for Ace's silver was way better Halloween night.

Hope everyone had a Happy & Safe Halloween!