Saturday, April 2, 2011

the fireplace saga... we have shellac and cabinet doors!

Steven is wrapping up the work on the living room fireplace. He finished the amber shellac on the woodwork, installed the doors on the cabinets, and finished a bit of electrical work inside the cabinet. All that remains is a bit of quarter round, and the techno-geek work of installing the a/v components and such. He is very excited about the new receiver and researching speakers. I am just happy that we will be able to arrange the furniture properly soon!

Until the furniture is out of the way, it is rather difficult to get a nice picture of the fireplace. At nearly 9 month pregnant, I am not as nimble as I once was. But I did snap a couple pictures with my camera phone, just so you could see we are not slacking off here.

The strange little hardware you see to the left of the right-hand vent is a doorstop. This keeps our bedroom door from being swung into the cabinets by the little crazy people who live in our house.

I didn't want the entire area to scream "brand new built-ins!!!!" So I decided ice-box latches might add a little historical interest to the cabinets. I mean, of course they are new. We have a flat screen mounted above the fireplace. But still, I wanted it to fit in with the existing woodwork. And the custom-matched stain and amber shellac really do make a seamless match! I posted earlier about the metal mesh material we used for the door panels. This allows us to be able to hide the electronics but still use our remotes.

P.S. The nursery is actually finished as well... I just need to do some curtain hemming before I can take pictures!