Friday, September 9, 2011

Ch-ch-changes in the master bedroom

Something has been bothering me about our master bedroom for some time. When we moved in, it looked like this:
It really felt like living inside a toybox. I love wood, don't get me wrong. But the floor matching the walls really made it feel very, well... toybox-like. After a lot of sanding, priming, and painting (as chronicled here), we had this:

I absolutely love the pale pink walls. The furniture that has followed me around for the past 15 years just wasn't cutting it for me. It was SO BIG! And I really wanted another look. I ended up buying a cast iron bed from LL Bean (super reasonable shipping, by the way).

The old bed and dresser were sold on Craigslist. I saved the nightstands for quite awhile now... but with the new influx mid-century modern pieces in the house, I really wanted to bring something smaller and cleaner in. Steven began wiping up some new nightstands from my hand-drawn sketch (a post on those to follow).

But even with new nightstands and a new bed, I felt the room needed something else. I think there really is not a focal point in the room. There are planks everywhere, running every which way. One end of the room has built-ins, one has 2 doors. One wall has 2 windows, the others a huge expanse and a door on the end. It is all very asymmetrical and there is nothing to balance it.
My solution for this was for Steven to add some solid panels between in the windows. I thought if we "connected" the windows with solid panels (thus eliminating some of the planks), it would give a focal point for displaying artwork. The panels would be painted white, to make black frames pop. In my head, at least, it gives the eye a place to rest.

Are you feeling it? Are you with me?

Steven has the panels and trim caulked and ready for primer. The nightstands are assembled and ready for paint. I cannot wait to share. Stay tuned!

One area I haven't decided on yet is the closet... not sure I am digging on the curtain I made to replace the cheap-o closet doors. Also, the knickknacks over the doors are on their way out as well.

Tatum Evan Four Months

Each month we will be taking a picture of Tatum Evan in his nursery, as inspired by Making It Lovely.