Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ikea shipping costs are freaking INSANE!

I have been Googling beds lately. I sold the massive Ralph Lauren bed and dresser that used to dominate our bedroom and have been searching for a vintage-looking metal bed. Antique cast irons are not available in Queen, because, well, Queen beds didn't exist then. The new cast irons beds are gorgeous, but, aren't in my budget right now. So, I have been searching for a lovely (steel) bed.

I really fell in love with this one from LL Bean called the "Cottage Iron Bed." It has clean, simple lines. I adore the gentle bend at the footboard. Gorgeous. And it comes in the matte black I wanted. It is a reasonable $600, with $60 shipping. Behold its glory:

Then there is the "Lillesand" from Ikea (below). Not as pretty and probably not as sturdy as the LL Bean one. But it has the simple lines I want, and at $179, the price was right. Amazingly enough, Ikea will SHIP this one. I was practically jumping up and down when I clicked "Buy Now." And then, Ikea pops up with a message that they will email me the shipping and handling costs, and then at that time would collect a credit card number. Rut-Roh. Why so long for a quote? The next day, I got the email. Get this... Shipping for the $179 bed would be $299. Shipping costs more than the bed?? A bed that isn't as heavy as the LL Bean costs 5 times more to ship? What exactly are they smoking over there at Ikea? Cripes!
I am thinking LL Bean, baby. I am toying with the idea of welding up my own creation. I drew it up and am sending my quantities to my metal fabrication contact to see if it will come in SIGNIFICANTLY less than the LL Bean one. Time is at a premium around my house and I am still toiling away with my fabulous Hollywood Regency chairs. I can save my pennies awhile for the LL Bean.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I'm in Australia and have had the same problem. Except that delivery would be $200 and the bed $269. It took me ages to work out how I could get this home myself. I've got friends that would of helped, yet it would of taken a day out of their busy schedules and I just couldn't ask.

So Friday I found that the majority of this bed fit in my car. Exception, was the bedhead which I strapped very thoroughly to the roof of my car(um no roofracks) and then drove through the city feeling very obviously eccentric.


Lauren said...

argggg i'm after an ektorp ottoman that my local store doesn't carry- hate to hear they're so expensive!!!

Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Wow you need to be near one or I need to be visiting you with a trailer load of stuff you need :)
Also, I posted pictures of part of the kitchen since you so eloquently asked for them :)