Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ikea curtains... how are they?

With my first fancy-schmancy chair nearing completion (geez, I have to do it again for the second?!?!?!), I am excited about finishing the dining room. Well, part way anyways... I bought sandpaper to finish sanding the walls since I finished plaster repairs (fun!).

I took a moment to flip through my Ikea catalog, also known as the Amazing Affordable Stuff I Can't Have Book, and found a couple sets of curtains that I thought might work swimmingly in the lovely pale pink dining room.

Hint: Anyone going to IKEA anytime soon? Please???? :)

I haven't seen these in person, and it is scary to pick something only from a picture. So if any of you have seen these in person, please let me know if they look nice or cheap and tacky.

First up is Hedda Blad. I think black and white will look great with the pale pink walls. I am going for a combo of Hollywood Regency and Cottage. Think glitzy cottage or Cottage Regency, maybe. Anyway, the pattern isn't too busy and will work, I think. $15 for a pair, and I just need 1 set, the price is right.

Second up is Alvine Trad. This one is a little more subtle with white and gray floral, but still so pretty. I could use these in the living room maybe? I need to get a set in person and decide where they should live. Again, $15 a set.
Might as well get the sheers to go with them while I am at it, right? 2 sets of Lill to start with since they are only $5 a set. Even if I didn't like them as curtains, they could be a tutu for my dog Bunny. ;)

Anyone have any experience with Ikea curtains to share?


Morrise Family said...

I have the Hedda Blad curtains. They're a relatively sheer cotton (we had them on our closet for a while and could faintly see the clothes behind them even without any back light), but a nice tight weave. They didn't shrink much when I washed them before hemming and I didn't notice any shrinking, fading or pilling on subsequent washes. Definitely worth the price.

Helen said...

Can't shed any light on the Ikea finds but since Ikea is only three hours from me, I am definitely tempted to make the trek over the mountains! Enjoy your weekend, Puck.

Mary said...

I'm a bit late on this, but I thought you might like an additional opinion.

I bought some Ikea curtains in April & I'm quite happy with them. While I was at Ikea I believe I checked out the patterned curtains you are considering. If I'm remembering correctly, the fabric felt appropriate for a semi-formal dining room. They certainly aren't high end, but it sounds like they might fall in that happy in-between niche you want. I preferred the cotton Matilda curtains simply because they're more casual & suit my breakfast nook better.

Before you hit the road, visit the Ikea website & check that the curtains you want are available at the store closest to you! Most Ikea stores do not carry every single item that appears on their website, so it's better to check ahead of time and save yourself some frustration. Can you tell that I'm speaking from experience? Siiiiiiiigh!

Kiptek said...

I'm thinking about getting Ikea curtains - our cheap curtains look really ... 'cheap' (after about 1yr, the top is all bunched and gathered). I was wondering if your Ikea curtains last well - if they look good for a longer time?

~Mom of Cookie Monsters~ said...

I might be a little late with my comment, but I just bought the Ikea Hedda Blad curtains and I love them in my bedroom. However, you might want to rethink putting them in a room with pink walls. They have tiny orange dots on the "leaves". Hope this helps! Great fabric, light and airy! $14.99 and has two panels in the package!