Friday, August 21, 2009

Last House on the Left kitchen

As I mentioned in the interview post, I will be studying several of the rooms in Last House on the Left, providing details and sources when I can. Of course, I had to begin with the kitchen because it is my very favorite room of that house.

The kitchen seems to be the heart of this house, since the majority of the scenes take place here. Isn't that just like real life? Everyone always seems to congregate where the food is!

The first thing that struck me about the kitchen was the gorgeous wall color. Johnny Breedt said they used a Dulux color, influenced by a Martha Stewart color. My best guess would be colors from Martha's Araucana Collection, my favorite being Araucana Blue. Here is a sampling of Martha's colors:

I mentioned the interview that Breedt used a basic stainless sink instead of a pricey designer sink. I think it is completely appropriate as this is a vacation house, and a family might not be willing to put designer items in it. Isn't it more fun to collection items over time for such a house? I also love all the spice racks in the kitchen - I spotted at least 4! I'd hit Etsy for vintage spice racks.

Luckily, Monica Potter, "Emma," is so lovely I don't mind her popping up so much in the shots. I chose the shot below to show the decorative plates she has in display in the dish rack. It is a shame to buy such pretty plates and hide them away in a cabinet. It is a great idea to leave them out.

Here, Mr. Collingwood works on the rather-dated microwave. I included the shot to show you the pretty lace sheer on the door. And the pocket-hanger-thing on the door. Also a nice shot of the Shaker-style cbainets. I nice change of pace from beadboard sometimes. Bin pulls are always my favorite kitchen hardware. And probably the only shot of the kitchen flooring in the movie - hardwood, of course.

The couple preparing dinner on a small island (table!). This would be positioned in front of the stove.

And the stove! This is the fullest shot I could get of the stove. This scene is after the lights go out, so it is a bit dark. But I wanted to show just how wide the stove was. Johnny called it a thing of beauty, and I agree. I love vintage appliances!

A little brighter shot of the stove. We see some more of the great knick-knacks that truly give this house a lived-in feel. The under-cabinet lighting gives a nice glow.

You would think the wood counters received their patina from years of use, but we know this was courtesy of Johnny & team. Aren't they beautiful? I just read about a company called Perfect Plank that has very reasonable rates for similar counters. I am looking into them for my own kitchen.

Curtains in my house have to be breezy and sheer. I am not a fan of blocking out natural light or pretty views. I really liked these curtains in the kitchen. They look to be light and sheer, with green floral embroidery. I ordered these curtains, which appear to be very similar.

The tin canisters caught my eye the first time I watched the movie. I blogged about a similar (new) set months ago. Typhoon has a Vintage Collection in cream that would give a similar look. Check out Amazon.

A little more detail on the curtain and yet another spice rack.

The only shot to give us a glimpse of this corner in the kitchen. It is probably like the little stool in my kitchen corner that no one ever sits on!

Here we see "Emma" in the hallway that connect the ktichen to the dining room. I like the baby blue chalkboard over the wine rack.

This fuzzy shot is the only shot in the movie of the pendant light over the island. See the blurry silhouette to the right of the white lampshade? The cheapest, yet nice-looking, ones I have found are $30, in stock, at Lowe's.

Don't you love glass-front cabinets? And in this final shot, we get a glimpse into the dining room. See the floral curtains over his shoulder? The dining room only makes a short appearance in the movie, but I will be goign through it, as well as a few other rooms, next.

I hope you enjoyed this kitchen as much as I did. Stay tuned!


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