Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shoe Love

I just got this fabulous 2010 calendar at Bed, Bath & Beyond...

I am a big fan of pretty shoes. Unfortunately, pretty shoes are not comfortable shoes. I used to be strictly a Doc Martens and Uggs kind of girl. But, in my consulting travels, I landed in California and felt the pressure from all the stiletto-wearing women around me. I caved in and bought some heels.

Now, I really like the way the froo-froo shoes look. Yet, detest the way they feel. Boy, do my feet hurt by the end of the day. (Is that normal? Geesh!)

I don't own any Manolo Blahnik's or Jimmy Choo. I am not rich enough to be in that much pain. I settle for NYLA, Madden and Chinese Laundry.

But I digress... I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted a calendar featuring Andy Warhol's shoe illustrations. (I admit it. I actually was trying to track down some of the shoe illustrations in P.S. I Love You for art work. Unsuccessfully.) I guess they have been printing this calendar for years now, I had just never seen it.

Perhaps, this is destined to become inexpensive art work in my bedroom or closet someday. In a pretty frame, with a mat, it could look really nice.

Here are some of my favorite Warhol Shoes:

Andy Warhol Shoes, Top to Bottom:
Shoe with Holly
Shoes Shoes Shoes
Shoe Light Shoe Bright First Shoe I See Tonight
You Can Lead a Shoe to Water But You Can't Make It Drink
Dial M for Shoe

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Helen said...

OH MY! I am now officially in shoe heaven. Unfortunately my days of heels over 1 1/2 inches are over. Years ago I had both feet operated on for bunions, then a Morton's neuroma, both hips replaced and now a left knee that may need surgery. Those uggs and born ortho shoes look pretty good to me now. Also, I do splurge in beautiful flat boots for fall, winter and spring. I am known as the 'boot woman.'