Wednesday, August 12, 2009

styling... are you a frou-frou arranger,or a slap-it-up utilitarian?

I was thrilled with how Phase One of the master bathroom came out. Every time we have company over, we gets compliments on the floor. It is such an unexpected and gorgeous surprise to have that bright, cheery floor greet you. Remember the before? Click here

But I always thought back to the little glass shelf I saw at Lowe's when I was buying the dental organizer sitting here on the shelf. I thought it would look great over the sink, and just tie everything in a bit more:

I finally bought a little glass shelf and Steven installed it for me. Since the planets didn't align and the studs were not in the right place, we had to use the 4 supplied wall anchors, which always makes Steven nervous. I told him this was different than when he put up the guitar anchors because I swore I would put nothing heavy on the shelf. It looks so nice:

I am not really a frou-frou kinda girl. I tend to just put things on shelves in a rather utilitarian manner. Shelf by a sink? Put some soap on it! I was in a hurry, since it was late night by the time Steven got around to installing the shelf, so I just put my little soap holder and tea lights on it:
It looks rather sad and sparse, doesn't it? But, again, I am not a frou-frou girl. I have read the design blogs where they talk about spending hours styling a bookcase until it is just so. Me? I have 4 kids constantly pestering me and a stupid Statistics final this week. I took the easy way out and dug out my apothecary jars. Still utilitarian in that it makes sense to have cotton balls and swabs nearby... but prettier than the soap dish alone:

What is in the middle jar, you ask? Well... It is sort of weird. My kids have always enjoyed blowing soap bubbles in the bath tub. The middle jar is filled with those little decorative bubbles that they give out at weddings. It keeps the bubbles for the little ones handy, and the little containers are kind of cute.
So tell me... Do you fuss over styling and arranging until it looks like a perfectly-posh Pottery Barn catalog? Or do you take the utilitarian approach? Or are you somewhere in between?
Oh, I should mention that in order to see if something looks good, I always take a picture. I "see" things better in 2D for some reason. In a picture, I can point out if a garden bed needs taller plants, if a picture should be hung lower, etc. Those things are not as obvious to me in real life.


Livinia Redlips said...

I want to see your chairs already :)

(somewhere in the middle for me)

Mim said...

Oh I LOVE those bubbles for your kiddos... I'll save that idea til when i have grandkids. The simplicity of the shelf is just perfect

puck said...

Livinia -

I have one sanded down and ready for stain. The process for stripping white lacquer from chairs is time-consuming.

Haven't even started on the other yet. But the Dremel I bought is making it so much easier.

And I had to call all over the country to find the PERFECT fabric. I hope to have the first one done next week. :)

ZoeB said...

Really interested to hear that you take photos so that you can see how things look properly. I have always done the same thing. Interestingly, having been shocked at the untidy state of my kids bedrooms, I took a photo of each one and stuck it on their doors. I truely believe that they hadn't noticed the mess as they were as shocked as me and immediately got on with tidying up without any prompting from me! I have also gone from being blonde to brunette and had to have a photo because I just couldn't 'see' it in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the sink! Can you tell me where you got it or what the brand is? or is it Vintage?

puck said...

Hi! The sink is from Home Depot. It is by Pegasus from the Cottage Collection.

(and this blog has a new home!