Thursday, August 20, 2009

an update from a busy bee...

I have been so busy the last couple weeks and have been neglectful of my blog. For this I am sorry. Last week, I had finals, which included a nasty one for Statistics, no fun! This week the little ones were home with me and the two older boys started school. Satchel had half days Tuesday and Wednesday. Emery had Jr High orientation Wednesday. They both started full days today. Whew! I have found it isn't a lot of fun to tote 2 toddlers to Home Depot and the fabric store, but we are getting things done, I suppose.

I managed to pick up a couple drop cloths that, with the help of dear MIL, will be a slipcover for the rather fussy living room sofa. I got poly-crylic, trim and tacks for the Hollywood Regency chairs. Ready to start upholstery on the first chair!!!

Steven started his first day back as a fulltimer at U of Kansas. He was very excited. We met up for lunch after his classes and he seems to be really happy being back at school. And not missing his job at all. Lucky boy!

Oh, and my big news. Looks like a fulltime job is in my near future. I have been teaching part time at a local college, but with Steven going back to school full time, I will be going back to work full time. (And we will be setting up daycare for the wee ones again...)

Anyway... I do have a big surprise for you all. No, not Baby Number 5. But a cool interview with the designer of my very favorite movie house ever. I think you all will like it!

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