Wednesday, August 5, 2009

guitars hanging in a closet? works for me!

Steven got a chance to install the guitar hangers in my walk-in closet over the weekend. I love having my other closet accessible. No more guitar stands impeding my shoe selection!

A pink guitar? Could you ever have guess that?
Left is my DR Wildwood, Right is my Fender Telecaster.
And my basses... Left is my Gretsch Jr Jet, Right is my Fender P-bass.

Of course, the studs didn't line up exactly as we hoped... but I would rather have the guitar alignment be a little off than chancing it and hanging the guitars just into sheet rock. (And subsequently having all my guitars smashing into the floor.)

It is hard to get a picture in there being tight quarters and all. You will just have to imagine what it looks like all-at-once! ;)
I think it is interesting how the flash changes the color of the closet. Sometimes it looks bright pink, others it is practically white. The color is actually a pale pink called Ballerina Gown. It is a more noticeable pink than the bedroom - but I wanted a funkier closet so I don't mind. It looks nice with the orange and aqua in there... I will take pictures of the rest of the closet (once I get my laundry done!)

Before: a mess of guitars in front of my other closet. The amp will be moved to my walk-in, with the guitars, as well. Steven has to put in an outlet first.

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Cote de Texas said...

too cute!!!!!! you are amazing.