Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fishs Eddy & Anthropologie kitchen finds

I love getting packages in the mail. It's even better when it is pretty stuff for the house! I ordered a few items from Fish's Eddy as a test run. I always like to try out a few things before I place a big order for a store, sight-unseen. Fish's Eddy is a home goods store located in the Flatiron Building in NYC. I say this with total authority because I read this on their website. I have not had the luck to go there. Anyway, I liked their whimsical collections and decided to order a few things.

They are so cute. Order away, folks. You won't be disappointed. I got:

Bird on a Wire Cake Stand. On sale for $13.18. In person, it is the prettiest pale blue. Bigger than I thought it would be for the price!

Duck Platter. My youngest is in a duck phase now. Also on sale. $7.48. A nice size to throw some cupcakes or cookies on for the kiddos.

Cow Creamer. $7.95. I think Pier 1 has them for $5, but I found this one first. We aren't coffee people. (I actually prefer tea). But it will look lovely on the shelf Steven just installed in the kitchen.

Are there any lesser-known stores that you shop at? I would love to find new places to pick up pretty home things at.

Oh, not at all "secret" or anything, but I am a fan of Anthropologie. Or at least their sales. I got a great pink ticking stripe rug there on the cheap. Also picked up a bottle of Lollia perfume - amazingly light and pretty scent, with gorgeous packaging.

Planning on maybe getting these things on my next visit:

Squash jam jar. Sort of weird, but I think kind of cool!

Colorful measuring spoons. One of them says "a pinch" on it - which I think is cute. And they having unusually long handles, so they will do nicely when dipping into spice jars.
Speaking of spice jars, these numbered ones are cool. But maybe not $5 each cool:

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Helen said...

Oh,,,, thank you! I am a collector of cake stands and this is adorable. Price is Right!