Thursday, August 13, 2009

the Charlotte Watson collection... to die for!

As a historic preservationist, I am always eager to pass along fun finds, especially if they have a vintage flavor or historical influence. :)
I swoon over salt keepers... I don't know why... This one is perfection!

Charlotte Watson kitchen potteries are popular, and certainly not a stunning revelation for some... but they are quite beautiful in their simple elegance. I thought I would share them, for those not familiar, and give some background for those already enamored with them.

The "Original Suffolk" collection is just as pretty!

According to their website:
Robert produced three sons, one of which was Thomas. The Company was purchased around 1800 by the Watson sons. Thomas established the Company in 1816 as "Thomas Watson". Thomas was a farmer and a potter, farming during the summer months and potting during the winter. He had four sons, one of which was Adam (the husband of CHARLOTTE). The Company was established as Thomas and Adam in 1840. Since the early 19th Century, Henry Watson’s Potteries have established an enviable reputation for producing well-crafted, innovative products that continue to compliment both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles.

You all know I am a sucker for pink!

While they have a gorgeous catalog, my very favorite collection is the Charlotte Watson's Country Collection. If is available in both cream and black. The cream seems to be the most popular, gracing so many kitchens. And for that reason, I am sort of drawn to the black. Although, deep down, I find the cream the most lovely.

The Blacks! They seem so rare which makes them mysterious to me...

The collection is quite extensive so it would be expensive to buy them all. But wouldn't the entire set be gorgeous in a well-equipped butler's pantry?

Does anyone own any of these pieces? I would love to hear about the quality. I am sure the pieces are quite substantial.

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