Thursday, August 13, 2009

affordable industrial pendant lighting for my kitchen

I am totally taking the next person who goes to IKEA up on their offer to pick up a few things for me. I will try to keep them some, like tea lights or textiles and such.

But I no longer require the Foto pendant fixtures. I thought I wanted them. But then I saw the very same sort of fixture in a local lighting store, and the polished, smooth lines looked too modern for our very vintage kitchen.

I am working on a few new projects for the kitchen... An overlay on the ceiling, which will cover the wonky drywall and 384792734 can lights the previous owners installed. Hardwood floors (I can't wait!!) New counters (no more laminate!!). And, of course, new lighting.

We picked up two ceiling fans today. (Hampton Bay's Farmington in Natural Iron). We will be ordering the schoolhouse light kits for them.

I picked up a little school house shade from Habitat Restore. I need to get a vintage-feeling fixture to go with it. (I want it to look like something out of School House Electric, which is out of my budget for now.)

And, finally, I need 2 pendant lights hanging over the island.

This guy is the Cortland, from Pottery Barn Kids. At $200 a pop, this is not an option, so of course, I had to find something a bit less.

I have it narrowed down to these 2 options. The darker one below here is the Pottery Barn Kids Depot Lamp. It has the round shape that I like, and I love the wire guard over the light that gives it that "industrial" feel. These are $90 each, so they seem like a bit of a splurge yet are still in our budget:

And this one is available from Home Depot online. (Not available in stores). I like the fitting ont he top - it has the industrial look at the Cortland has. It has comes in an aged pewter finish. Since the ceiling fans are black, we may decide to spray these to match, but I haven't decided yet. Might need to hang them and see it all together before decided on that. But at $50 each, I think these are the first choice:

Which one is YOUR favorite?


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Okay we are kindred sisters -
Champagne tastes and beer budgets :)
I like the Cortland best but since it is out of reach - dang it. I like the depot one second.

What are you going to do with your ceiling? We have drywall ceilings and are going to put beadboard over them. I am having a dilema on the lighting..My kitchen only has one window that looks out to a screen porch so no natural light.
It is dark - I am not partial to pot lights but feel that too many other lights would be busy on the ceiling..thoughts?

Charise said...

Hi Puck
I love your blog. I saw your comments about the bathroom makover on Design*Sponge and I totally agree with you. My husband and I bought a 1908 Madrona Box style house and we have been restoring it, trying to keep with the period as much as possible. Please check out my blog and you can see our remodeled bathroom and almost complete kitchen. Look forward to following your renovation!

kerrie said...
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kerrie said...

(repost - typos)
Bummer...should have read your blog earlier this week...I was at IKEA yesterday. But all the way up in Seattle, so I'm going the wrong direction towards you...

Stretchad said...

I stumbled on your blog while searching for lights similar in style to the PBKids Cortland...have you tried looking for the PB Kids light on e-bay?

sleeplessinla said...

hi there. love your choices. i am trying to find that home depot light online but don't see it. do you know who makes it or whether it is still available. best of luck with your project.

puck said...

Here is the link to the pendant;

Internet/Catalog # 100642388

Portfolio makes it.

sleeplessinla said...

thanks for the quick response. i am seeing that it takes a maximum 50 watt bulb. i will have two over my island. do you think that is enough light? they only need to provide task lighting over the island as i also have recessed lights (not period, i know!)

Stephanie said...

Fabulous post...just what I needed today! I've found a few things at PB Teen and PB Kids that totally work in grown up spaces. Plus, they typically have lower price tags!

It's fun to see some of my favorite blogs on your sidebar too :)

summersoul said...

i usually like the most expensive option but this time my favorite is the home depot one. I found your blog by searching google images for pendants. Glad I did. I hope they still have it.