Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

black doors? bring it on!

Those who follow me on Twitter will have noticed me sharing progress pictures of the dining room. It is so much easier to snap a picture on the phone and share it than to upload everything to the laptop and create a post. Sigh... the life of a blogger, right?

Now is a nice time to catch up the non-tweeting folks!

We did manage to (finally) get all the walls looking reasonably nice. Considering what we started with, it couldn't get anything but better! We finished applying the sandy texture to match all the walls (eliminating the smooth border around the top of the walls and from the middle of the wall down to the floor). Next was priming and painting. I chose a fun, yet not too Pepto, pink from the discontinued Martha Stewart line at Lowe's called Sugar Egg Pink. Trim was painted a nice white called Milk Sugar by Laura Ashley.

The plan is to paper the ceiling and install a nice crown molding. The crown will be painted white and given a fun little black racing stripe. That racing stripe will appear again as a room divider between the blue entry way and pink dining room. We also have some other fun splashes of black.

Which brings me to the doors... These go into the living room (left) and basement (right):

Woody McWooderson. I have always thought the doors looked a little strange. All the trim is painted white, and then there are wood doors. How odd! Manhattan Nest to the rescue! Seeing Daniel's blog about his black doors was finally the little push Steven needed to agree that we could, as Mick Jagger said, "Paint it black!" (Get it? Rolling Stones... Paint It Black? Moving right along...)

Oh, I hear Steven weeping softly... Primer... and a few coats of black paint...

On a side note, how pretty are our doorknobs! I am thinking of polishing them all up. At the risk of looking like cheapo 1980s brass, I think against the black, these could really be blingin'!

And here we go. Black doors. Aren't they pretty! I am going to give them a coat of satin poly since our kids are tough on doors. But I am really excited with how they turned out. I think the go really nicely with the black and white windows a la Door Sixteen:

You know, I have been influenced so much by Anna's aesthetic. While my walls will never be all white, Anna has really moved me toward modern, clean lines. Out goes the antiques, in comes the modern. :) So, thank you, Anna!

More dining room pictures yet to come. It is really close to being done, guys!

(And I really am loving the camera in my Android phone. So much easier to snap pictures now!)