Thursday, January 29, 2009

our bathroom went from blah to war zone!

It started with a simple, “Oh, honey... I want to fix up the bathroom. Can you pull up the vinyl so that I can seal and paint the floor. Then I will just paint the walls and trim, make a curtain, and it'll be done.”

HA! What was I thinking? I have seen the previous owners' other handywork. Was I delusional or smoking crack?

Steven goes in, pry bar in hand, and pulls out the cheap trim someone lovingly installed with huge staples. Yes. Staples. Not finish nails, but staples. Then he starts pulling up the cheapo vinyl flooring. I made a run to the hardware store for a new wax ring for the toilet since he had to put that off to the side. He pulls up the vinyl, and GROSS! There is a nasty, moldy, water-damaged sheet of subfloor.

We decide it is good to have discovered the water damage and press on. Steven pulls out the moldy plywood and we discover quite possibly the ugliest vinyl under that. And the water damage around the toilet and apron-front tub is getting worse. The original lead toilet fitting is exposed and he pulls that out for replacement. (My cheap painting project is getting a bit more expensive.)

Steven goes to work prying up the next layer of vinyl and it is tougher work. (Some cursing about staples could be heard at this point.) After that was up, there was more rotten subfloor. (More staples!!) Under that subfloor was the original 1 x 2 hardwood floors (like in our bedroom) were so rotten they were black. Finally, under that, the 1 x 12 planks that the old-timers used for subfloor.

Steven gets the “Husband of the Year” award now. What was a simple job turned mega. And he never complains. :)So, on my list now... figure out a new floor (painted wood like I originally planned or somehow, some super cheap tile). If we have to remove the tub to repair the entire floor, which I think is what Steven wants, a new tub surround. The list grows. Our bathroom looks worse, but will soon be better. I hope.

I have no toilet now. I will have to brave the boys' toilet upstairs until this is fixed. Scary!!!


Anna at D16 said...

OMG! Yikes! You blame me for this?! ;)

Seriously, it's good that you went ahead and did this, given the amount of mold you found. You don't want to be living around that.

Look, cement board is cheap, and tile is cheap. Subway tiles from Lowes are only 22 cents each! We did our entire tub surround for less than $100 in tile. (The floor tile cost more, but we could have gone with something even cheaper than that.) This doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars!

Don't worry too much. It will be sooooo worth it in the end.

puck said...

Hehe... I just had to give you grief. I just saw all these inspiring bathrooms today and mine just went to shit. Pout.

Helen said...

Anna said it best .... OMG!!!!!