Thursday, January 22, 2009

and kitchen inspiration for my future dream kitchen...

Some day we will have the time and money to do a full renovation on our kitchen... I already have an idea file going with potential kitchens. I thought I would share some of my favorites!

This one, I love the white cabinets with the blue island. The blue island really pops in the middle there. I also love love love the curved island. I am also a big fan of glass cabinets and french wire, so the cabinet in the lower left there is soooo dreamy. I like the black countertops as well. I plan on using dark soapstone.

I love the dishwashers that look like cabinets. It is nice to blend technology in so that your ktichen still feels period. I am also a fan of the drawer-type dishwashers. Very cool!

More cabinets hiding appliances. So slick!

Another great kitchen. A curved cabinet on the end (dreamy!!). And that backsplash is amazing. You can have color and pattern and have a period feel without having to use subway tile. I am also a fan of the industrial stainless appliances. Sort of a compromise between a vintage stove and a comtempo-modern look. I think butcher block on the island is a perfect choice. I will definitely have a butcher block island to go with my soapstone counters.

This is one of my favorites. Imagine how hard it is to keep that shiny blue floor clean... but I love it!! More stainless and I love the industrial pendant light. Gorgeous!

I love it when the cabinets have legs to make them look like furniture. I also like the open shelving on the end. Is that a fridge in the background? I love the way it looks like a giant old pie safe!

This beauty is a 4 oven AGA gas cooker... just gorgeous. They make a 2 oven model, but as much as I bake, I am dreaming of the big boy! The ultimate in keeping a period look but having the modern conveniences. They come in many colors, but cream or black are my favorites. AGA also makes fridges and dishwashers in drawers. So cool!

This is the greatest hood ever!!!

I definitely want bin pulls for drawers, but I am torn between ice box or turn-style or slide-style latches.

I have an old Hoosier cabinet that I will always cherish. But for those without one, these Kitchen Dressers are amazing. They can even come with backets and a sink! My kitchen will definitely have an apron-front sink with the curtain below it.


Maggie May said...

i love your blog, hello! i am the mom of three and LOVE your children's names- Bowie was on my name list for my son Dakota, and we have an Ian and Lola :)

puck said...

Hi Maggie! Thank you!

I have a funny little tidbit for you since your daughter is named Lola. You know the Kinks song, Lola? Bowie's nickname is BoBo. He would get so mad while I was getting ready to nurse him that he'd jam his hand in his mouth and cary... So I used to sing:

I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why he wants the milkie but he sucks on his hand
He's my BoBo
B - O - B - O

sandra/tx said...

Cute story about your son's nickname. :-)

It'll be fun to watch you make changes to your kitchen. Your inspiration pics are great.

Cote de Texas said...

I want an aga!!! I just can't afford one!

thanks for your comment today!!

Barbara said...

Some beautiful ideas and great images. I love your kitchen scrapbook. For your soapstone countertop you should checkout They are a direct importer and fabricator and ship all over the country. You'll get you best price there. Best of luck with your dream kitchen.

thelady said...

I love the shiny blue floor and the curved island, I also want a vintage stove but I prefer the 50's look.

Margie Lou said...

Love the Subway tile in your last picture of the Hood. We're also trying to cheaply update our 1950's kitchen. Our cabinets are white and I'm planning to get some shiny black countertops to compliment.

I'm also really excited to install the white subway tile backspash, wish me luck! (it's very cheap at Home Depot)

Can't wait to see what you come up with in your kitchen!