Monday, January 26, 2009

Kitchen, In-Progress Sneak Preview!

No, it isn't your eyes... there is a space of yellow left under the cabinets. This area will be covered by beadboard this week, so I didn't bother to paint it.

There is still quite a bit to be done with the kitchen:
Install beadboard under cabinets & paint (wall color or trim color? hmmm...)
Paint floor dark charcoal gray
Touch-up trim work
Finish organizing cabinets
Put out accessories
Spray table and chairs gloss black
Recover chairs and stools with pink fabric

Here is what we have done so far!

The table is still in the middle of the floor in this picture since the door was just painted. Here you can see all the cabinets that I took the doors off of. I have started putting out the dishes and what not... but most of that will be "finishing details."

Here is the other side of the room. This includes the weird slanted island that the cooktops and griddle are on. We did a nice "copper" backsplash here from those new vinyl tiles that look like tin ceiling tiles. I will post more pictures of that later on. To the left are the convection wall ovens. I do like the appliances, but they are so dated. I guess they are from the early 80s.

The other side of the room again. Someday that door that leads to the back porch (which will one day be my studio/office) will be a dutch door.

Here is a lesson in why you have to be super careful around old windows. Our house has the original windows, with the ropes and weights. We actually have two sets of windows per window. Hard to explain. Instead of one window that opens and closes, we have to open two windows, an inner and an outer window. Which I supppose keeps the cold out. Steven is now really thankful we have these double windows. There was a package of old hamburger buns in his way, and he sort of chucked them over his shoulder toward the counter here (the garbage can is built into the lower cabinet to the left of the dishwasher). The buns were not even hard, but they hit the window and broke the window! I guess old glass really is brittle! So he is busy replacing the glass in the window. (Good thing I have little hands, because I had to reach into the wall to fish out the rope for the window weights.) You can see in this picture that the outer window is still in tact, but the inner one is waiting for new glass.


Helen said...

I love old homes with all the challenges they bring ... can't wait to see the beadboard and the tin! Looking good.

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks so much for including me in this lovely post!