Thursday, January 29, 2009

dreamy dreamy bathrooms

I have begun a quick project in my master bath.. again, an interim step... Just some paint and fabrics to spruce the place up until I can do the full blown restoration with a clawfoot tub, hex tile, highboy toilet, etc etc etc.

Until then, I will daydream. Here are some nice bathrooms to sigh about. Bring on the bubble bath! Look at the ceiling in the one above... perfect! And the shaving mirror is something I definitely want to do.
The walls in this bathroom remind me of my bedroom... only I have painted my walls the palest pink (which is pictured in my master bedroom thread). I also think that little plant stand would be so cute if it had a few little apothecary jars on it. Wouldn't it pop with pink or aqua jars? But this all white bathroom is dreamy as it is... I dream of clawfoot tubs. And there is so much texture here even with a monochromatic look.

This one has a bit more color, although still a cool and light look. I love the pale gray walls, the beigey subway tile... and the little distressed cabinet is great. I wish my bathroom were big enough for a chair. (When I told Steven that, he jokingly said it DOES have a chair. I don't think the toilet counts!)
I love the black legs on the tub. And the littlest splashes of floral make it seem a bit more liveable. Don't get me wrong, I love that all-white look. It isn't at all sterile to me... but it seems like it would be a pain to keep spotless. And with white, it really does have to be spotless.

A paneled side tub... not claw foot, but pretty! And the floral wallpaper is beautiful. I have to wonder how it holds up with humidity since I love scathing hot showers that fog everything up.
Look at the feet on the tub! Gorgeous!! Although it is white, it has the palest pink look, doesn't it? I also love the fixture - I must have a shower for mine, but the handshower is darling.
Not everything is pink for me, OK? Here is one with blue toile. Again, a gorgeous chair! And can you imagine the luxury of a fireplace in your bathroom??? My bathroom right now is frigid. Really. Glassblock is not a good window in the Kansas winter. Brrrrrr!

I love the "relax" over the tub. I think if it had a huge fluffy flokati rug in front of the tub, I would melt into the room. It is so pretty. Maybe a bit sparse.

Wild wallpaper!! I wouldn't do it in my house -- but it is amazing!

I love the armoire... so charming! Again, I need a huge bathroom. Mine is tiny! My house is a Sunday house, so it certainly was not built extravagently with huge baths.

OK... washbasin? gorgeous. basin stand? gorgeous. beadboard? gorgeous.

Again, I love those handshowers... And the palest pink look to the tub. Just lovely.
Did you get any ideas for your space?


Helen said...

Photos are gorgeous! There is just SOMETHING about a clawfoot tub!

Laura said...

that second to last picture is just stunning! So glad I stumbled onto this blog - definitely saving a lot of pictures to my 'pretty' folder of great home inspirations :)