Thursday, January 1, 2009

New kitchen pictures coming soon...

February 2008, I did some "band aid" work in my kitchen. Our kitchen was the most horrid room of the house, and though I can't afford the million dollar restoration yet, I needed to do something to make it livable. So I stripped wallpaper borders and covered up horrible sponge-painting gone wild, and made a more livable space. I still was not happy with the result, so I am spending this week trying to make my cabinets look less cheap-o. And redo the wall paint since the yellow made it look too busy (and our upstairs hallway is going to be pale yellow anyway).

Also, I will put up some pictures of the entry way project we just completed. Wallpaper removal, plaster repair, new paint, new push-button switches, curtains, and my cute little desk. Plus new artwork. Yippee!

Hopefully you will get more of an idea of what the house is looking like. My latest posts have included a lot about pink, and I'd hate you to think I like in a Pepto Bismol nightmare.

UPDATE: my back is SO SORE! I have been busy putting up the last coat of paint in my latest project... so I don't quite have pics ready yet. Soon. I promise. :)


MIMILEE said...

OH, puck, can't wait to see your kitchen redo! I will be checking back! Love the names of your nice!

puck said...

Thank you, Lee!

I used to call my great-grandma "Mimi." I will post a pic sometime!