Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trial and Error

Sneak Peek!

I have been working on finishing up the paint in the kitchen. One area I am proud of is the "door that goes to no where." Well... actually, it is a door in the kitchen that goes into my walk-through closet into the master bedroom. It was probably once a butler's pantry (which includes our laundry shoot that goes from the 2nd floor into the basement), but it is now my walk-through closet. I think I like it so much that even after our renovation later, we probably will keep it and not cover it up. Although we don't use the door anymore (and it before was blocked by the Hoosier cabinet), it looks so charming now, I think.

The door was painted the wall color (Country Dairy), and the trim the trim/upper cabinet color (Picket Fence White), both by Ralph Lauren. We painted replaced the knob with an ebony porcelein knob we rescued from a house that was being demolished, and Steven sprayed the doorplate flat black. To add a little detail, I handpainted words in the center of each door panel (one through five) in Black Truffles by Ralph Lauren. In the recess of the panels, I painted the lower cabinet color, my own creation, Bunny Gray.

Now here is the trial and error part... Just to see if I liked it, I painted the edges of the panels in Black Truffle. I did like it, but I decided that it looked a bit over-worked and the black paint lost the nice detailing of the routing. You couldn't see the edges anymore. So I edited a bit, and covered the black back up with the main color.

I painted the top of the table in a custom color I created by mixing some of the black paint in to the Bunny Gray and it was nice... then the next morning, I came into find the three-year-old had ran a hot wheels car all over the table top and made a big scratch in it. I decided to just repaint it all in Bunny Gray. The chairs and table base will be sprayed in Gloss Black. I also made little placements for the boys, personalized for each boy, that I will show you in a later post... so cute! Anyway, we scooted the fridge and Hoosier to the left, and moved the table where the Hoosier used to be, and this made more room so I could have all 4 chairs around the table. (You can see the Hoosier cabinet to the left of the table in the top picture.)
This area will give you a bit of a sneak peak at the colors I chose for the kitchen!
You can see the black edging I decided to paint over again around the "two" panel.

I decided it was a simpler look without the black border.


niartist said...

great idea. very clever. Also love the kitchens in your inspiration post. Happy Monday!

Blue Muse said...

This is really cute, Puck.
Can't wait to see it finished!
xo Isa