Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puck's favorite blogs, part one

Today, I thought I would take the time to share some beautiful images from some of the other blogs I frequent. There are some really great bloggers out there, and I thought it would be nice to share some of their work with you. Here is the first installment...
A Beach Cottage
This is a blog done by a English woman transplanted to Australia. I am so envious as it is my dream to even visit Australia, let alone live there. I am just enamored with her beach cottage.
I love the soft whites in her house... but these pink flowers just pop. So pretty.

I could cozy up for a nap here...

Or a nap here... (might I mention it is freezing and snowing in Kansas right now!)

If she finds a strange woman in her bathtub... I hope she doesn't call the police... it's just me.

Absolutely Beautiful Things
She is an interior designer from Brisbane, Australia... a definite Aussie theme going here, huh? And she seems to love pink as much as I do!

I am completely jealous of you all who can get away with white. My woodwork is dark and I gave kids... see the little bit of pink in the background. LOVE IT!

I love-love-love her hot pink sofa. The perfect spot to read my magazines!

I adore these chairs from one of her clients' houses. The ticking is a favorite of mine. (And the little pink arrangement on the table!)

Color Outside the Lines
Artie lives in New York in a bungalow - and his living room looks a lot like mine, as far as color and wood work go...

Doesn't his living room look festival, warm and cozy?

Tiny little apothecary jars as bud vases. Good work, Artie!

Artie's room all look so warm and cozy... like I would want to hibernate in there on a cold winter day. (Whereas, the white rooms all look cool and breezy, like a good summer cat-nap.)

OK... more bloggy-goodness later. I am off to try to make my bedroom (the only room in the house that does have white trim) look breezy and pretty... I would spray my kitchen chairs and table, but it is snowing outside and won't be warm enough to paint until this weekend.


niartist said...

Thank you puck, for featuring my room along with these others. I'm in good company, and I appreciate your hosting this on your great blog!

abeachcottage said...

thank you, too kind, it makes me happy when people like the things I do especially when I'm not a designer or anything posh like that...just shows anyone can do it