Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Modern Cottage? Relaxed Cotswold? Not-So-Shabby Chic???

All this thinking about my living room sort of got me thinking about the "style" for my house. I said before that I love the Cotswold look on the exterior and the house should look very English out there. But what about inside? I love English interiors. I like keeping a somewhat "period" vibe in my house. (Meaning, no mini bluds... don't paint the woodwork... ) But, since the house was dramatically remodeled, I don't feel the need to be 100% authentic.

You know, I like looking at Cottage magazines. But I can say, that I don't like the craftsman look since it seems so dark and dreary sometimes. I do like the Rachel Ashwell look, but white walls and slipcovered furniture would never work with 4 little boys, 3 bigs dogs, 2 cats.... yeah.

Where do I fall? Well, here is a "defining moment" story. I went to the local fabric store with the full intention of buying something pretty, pastel and creamy, to make a closet curtain. Maybe something shabby chic-like. So I go through bolt after bolt of creamy pink florals when a bright rose print catches my eye... and I end up going home with 2 kinds of Amy Butler fabrics in a bright rose floral. (You can see them in my master bedroom blog thread.)

I totally love my mother-in-laws shabby chic living room. But yet, I like my Amy Butler prints too. I love English. (Man, do they do an AWESOME kitchen. I have to have an AGA.) I love cottage. I like airy, breezy and comfy and not too formal. I do like a nice neutral wall... but in MY idea of neutrals. Which, so far, consist of sage, khaki, pale blue, pale pink, and that sort of thing.

So, what can I call my style? I don't know. I haven't exactly put my finger on it. Maybe it is because my house projects are fairly new and I haven't had enough time to put my finger on it.

Anyone else have a groovy "catch phrase" to define my style?

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Siiri said...

(mixes the 'upgrade/remodeled' sections with the parts you want to keep true to the English/cottage feel, while adding in that 'shabby chic' feel)


(shows you're a modern gal that appreciates the finer/vintage things in life, but has an actual life that requires you to keep things somewhat shabby chic)


(the concept of boho is sort of the shabby chic meets 21 century bohemian, which your explaination of YOUR version of english pastels made me think of. and then you've got your modern flair on it, which is represented with"comtempo")

I dunno, just throwin' spaghetti on the wall!