Saturday, January 31, 2009

master bathroom is in full swing!

Exciting news at the Cottage of Stone... we made a trip to Home Depot and bought our first round of supplies for the war-zone master bathroom! Steven is finishing the demo right now as I type. What a trooper. But soon I will have progress pictures, and some step-by-step DIY information on:

installing and finishing a white oak floor from Lumber Liquidators (I know, I know... you think I am crazy for putting a hardwood floor in a bathroom. Really, I have a PLAN. Trust me! It will be painted a gorgeous spa color and sealed water tight like a dolphin's butt.)

installing victorian baseboard (mitering is easier than it looks!)

moving existing toilet set-up and installing a new toilet (we bought a flapperless Pegasus toilet called "Cottage Collection" - how perfect!)

moving existing water lines and installing a pedestal sink (we bought the matching Pegasus pedestal sink from the "Cottage Collection)

installing new sink faucets (again, a Pegasus product)

A later Phase II will include a installing a restored clawfoot tub and freestanding shower enclosure, but for now, we are keeping the apron-front tub. We elected to leave up the cheap shower panels and not do subway tile since it would all be riped out when we do the clawfoot anyway. Hopefully, the clawfoot will be in a month or two.

Stay tuned for pictures!


sandra/tx said...

It sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see after pics.

Helen said...

Photos, photos, photos ... we all want photos!!!