Monday, April 12, 2010

construction is complete in Bowie's room...

View from Bowie's window

Springtime is here at the Cottage of Stone, and more items are getting crossed off Steven's honey-do list. (Of course, new ones are being added daily!) Great progress has been made in Bowie's room since the last update. In fact, construction has been completed! While there is a long list of things remaining to be done in his room, the walls and ceiling are finished!

Let's take a tour!

When asked what his favorite thing in his room was, Bowie said, "Mine!" I think he means he loves it all. But he did point up and say, "Shelf!" when asked again. I think the shelf really made the room. Really, it is part of the old ceiling framing that we kept in place. (It shows how much we raised the ceiling!) We added an outlet on top of the shelf that will be used for lighting.

This is the closet we kept. It is a very large closet, so Bowie will have plenty of room for his ever-expanding wardrobe.

A peak at the ceiling above his shelf. I love the beam work. I think it will look even better after we paint!

Bowie's second favorite thing is the bookcase wall. He already likes to arrange his toys on the shelves. I like that these will grow along with him, giving him space for books and such later on.

The yellow cable hanging down is the electrical for his gyro ceiling fan. I am ordering the sloped ceiling adapter and longer downrod this week. And Steven has some thinking to do on how he plans to hide the modern control unit. We feel it would ruin the look of the room and want to rely on the pushbutton switches for the lighting in the room.

And another shot of the view from Bowie's window. I didn't Photoshop or retouch this photo at all. I guess it was the natural lighting (2:00 here) that gave it the dreamy pastel tones. So pretty.

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Helen said...

Hey there! I've been wondering how the project is progressing. Little Bowie is quite the lucky lad. I love the unique look of his room I can picture him as a teenager hanging out.