Sunday, February 27, 2011

fireplace tile done!

Just a sneak peek at the fireplace. I managed to lay the tile last month (a challenge since I am getting more pregnant by the minute!). Steven was able to slap the sealer down and install the trim around the edges... I am quite pleased at how nice it turned out!

The fireplace screen was a Goodwill score. Steven snagged it for $8, and it had a Pottery Barn tag on it.

The edges look so nice and finished with the trim installed. Steven painted it with the flat black enamel from Bowie's bedroom furniture (which I haven't posted yet). Maybe someday we will get the floors refinished as there is water damage in the living room... but for now, I kind of like the spots. It gives it character. Or that is what people say who own old homes and can't get around to fixing everything right away!

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Helen said...

I'm loving your update! Take care ... happy pregnancy!