Friday, October 23, 2009

fall colors at the cottage of stone

Last weekend was the Maple Leaf Festival in our sleepy little town. Thousand of visitors come here to tromp through leaf-covered brick streets, buy handmade crafts, eat yummy treats and take a spin in the street carnival.

Our boys mowed down some funnel cakes and turkey legs before hitting the whirling rides. Even the baby took a few spins!

I think our yard is even prettier this week as the trees are more colorful. I snapped a few pictures after taking my boys out to a (rare) mommy / son lunch.

Pumpkins line the slate sidewalk... They look pretty against the lavendar. You can almost make out the scary silhouettes in the front windows! Witches, bats and skeletons, oh my!

A bit wider shot. After Thanksgiving, the blue spruce on the far left will be decorated with white fairy lights.

This pretty girl isn't mine... But she is parked right out front. I thought she was even more pretty framed in bright yellow maple leaves. Some day, a Porsche will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine! (But in black, not silver. Hey, I'm picky!)


The Decorated House said...

The maple leaf festival in your yard is beautiful! Somehow all those leaves on someone else's sidewalk look so much better. :)

kerrie said...

Gorgeous! (And I'll take the nice car too - make mine red, please!)