Tuesday, October 27, 2009

little updates... send us happy thoughts!

My 4-yr old Dane at Maple Leaf Festival... He is having surgery tomorrow - read more below...

Steven got a bit side-tracked on the dining room project... Winter is rolling in here, and the doggies outside say BRRRRR! We looked at premade doghouses, but they were all so cheap and small. We have 3 big dogs at this house. No wimpy house will do! So Steven decided to design and make a doghouse on his own. Of course, the house had to be *just right* and up to his standards.

I have to say, the dogs will be warm and are extremely spoiled. He has put insulation in the whole thing! And it looks like a smaller version of our place shape wise. No stones on the dog house. They get siding.

Soon you will see pictures of the lovely Cottage for Puppies. Until then, the dining room is on hold.

I do have progress made on the living room. The lovely CB2 black and white rug, that the cat promptly "marked" upon roll out will be moved into the dining room. I ordered a chenille-jute woven rug from Lowe's - exactly like the one at Pottery Barn but with a smaller price tag! A stripey kilim overlay from Overstock will add a punch of color, and tie in the yellow curtains to the pink and green. The most wanted item right now is a chair I have been waiting on for MONTHS to come back in stock. More on that when I score that bad boy.

Finally, those who follow my blog have heard about my 4 boys quite a bit. Dane, who is 4, is scheduled for minor surgery tomorrow. He has a big bump, which looks like a huge Adam's Apple but is really just a cyst, that is being removed. After an ultrasound and an MRI, they determined it is not connected to his thyroid. So pelase send happy thoughts our way tomorrow morning!

Dane gives a baby goat a hug at Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead


kerrie said...

GOOOOOOODDDDD LUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!! (Carter going in soon for some ear tubes - poor kids, eh?)

Hope to read about a sweet, swift recovery next!

bagelpower said...

thinking of the little one tomororow. Can he have lots of ice cream afterward?????
hang in there:-)

Blue Muse said...

Awww good thoughts and lots of love to your little guy. I'll be thinking of him tomorrow.
xo Isa

Tammy of Yarborough House said...

SaraBeth- here is us wishing Dane good thoughts. I am sure he'll do much better than you do as the mom's always are more stressed than the kids.
Update us when he is home feeling well.


Louise said...

I know you have been through a scare, because I remember several years ago my son (now 19) had a lump in his thigh. We didn't know what it was at first and the time between tests and finding out it was thankfully benign (thankful doesn't begin to explain) was not pleasant. I am so happy your situation has turned out well also, and that a minor surgery will take care of the pesky bump.

Michelle... said...

Sending happy thoughts your way, Sarah Beth! I just found your blog and spent copious time when I should have been working reading through the archives. What great work you've done to your beautiful house! I'm also interested in preservation (hopefully will have a degree someday), and hope to DIY renovate my own home some day. I've loved reading about all your hard work!

I noticed from your fall pictures that it doesn't look like you ever replaced that plum tree...if that's the case, my vote is for pink dogwood! We had a beautiful 30+ year old one in my front yard growing up, and if I ever do have a single family home, the first thing I'm doing is planting a pink dogwood!

Hope your son is doing better, and keep up the great blogging!

puck said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts! Dane pulled through just fine and was tearing up the living room by lunch time. (They were wrong about the whole sleepy all day and resting...)

Michelle - We actually did replace the plum tree with another plum. It's just a baby tree now though. We also put a japanese maple outside our bedroom window on the other side of the house. So pretty!