Sunday, January 3, 2010

and... decorating for the holidays in the bedroom

Steven suprised me with a little holiday cheer in the bedroom. Work has been taxing lately, and it was a happy surprise!

This is the built-in dresser in our bedroom. He cleared off all his usual books and whatnot and added the little pink tree the boys helped me decorate.

I picked up this little pins from Etsy. I thought they looked cute under the tree, but can't wait to leave them up year-round.

I love the gumdrop garland on the tree!

Don't you love genuine patina?

And another of Steven's radios. He is getting quite a collection going. :)


Martha said...

Cute little tree! Always nice to have some Christmas in the bedroom!

Helen said...

SOOOOOOOO much fun catching up with your holiday decorating. And your cottage of stone is perfectly decorated with the snow! Happy New Year!

kerrie said...

Love the teeny-tiny bowling pins! WAY neat! Hope you all had a great Xmas!

Molly said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog from Apartment Therapy, when I was looking for home inspiration here in Kansas. I love your house!