Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the perfect baby boy blue

I am super picky about my paint colors. I am always painstakingly looking for the "just right" blend of cream and white. Or the "not Pepto" pale pink. For Bowie's room, I needed the perfect baby boy blue. Not a pastel blue, but a pale blue with the perfect tinge of gray to keep it from being "too precious."

I think I found it. Through Trial and Error, of course. Paint swatches in the store? They are flat out liars, I tell you. You will find a dreamy dreamy color, buy a quart just to be sure, you paint the patch on your wall and... UGH! It is too bright. Too purple. Too sky blue.

It happens. I admit it. Those little paint chips are just too small to make an informed decision. But I did manage to find what, is in my opinion, the just right color for our little Bowie Morgan's walls.

Here is the first batch of colors that I tried out. These are in natural sunlight. Top left is Behr's Velvet Sky, which at night with the lights on looks purple. Top right is Disney / Behr's Blustery Day. At night, it looked bright sky blue. Bottom Right is Valspar's Tsunami Sky. At night, pale gray. The only color I am using is bottom left, Behr's Cream White. Cream White will be his ceiling color.

Now for some winners... These are all Ralph Lauren... Top left, Beach Water. Top right, Organza. Bottom, Spa. In this picture, Spa looks very bright, but in the room, it is actually pretty subdued. The Organza, which looks just right in the picture is actually pale barely-there.

It is really between Beach Water and Spa... Leaning toward Spa because Beach Water has a tinge of green, which is gorgeous, but I am looking for blue.

I will be checking the colors out tonight with the lights on to make a final decision. :)


Carla said...

I do like the green-ish one!

Helen said...

Dear Ms. Puck ..

Hope life is treating you and your adorable family well. Enjoy this week!