Friday, July 30, 2010

Our new addition: Eleanor

As if we didn't already have a *few* projects going on, we now have another. This one is a bit more recreational. With our crew of boys, I thought it would be fun to go camping. I commented to Steven about how pretty I thought Airstream campers are. Quicker than you could say "have-you-lost-your-mind?" we were perusing Craigslist for vintage Airstreams. (Craigslist for the win!)

And here is what followed us home. Literally. Meet "Eleanor." Our 1967 Airstream Safari.
Immediately, I started working on the details. Ripping up the grubby carpet, painting the dingy-white cabinets, new upholstery... It is all in the works. And I swear this will be a quick project. Just a small one. And we will camp really soon. Really!
Emery and Satchel helped me with the cleaning. Emery armed with a shop vac and Satchel with a sponge and cleaner, we got her cleaned from top to bottom. The orange curtains and lime green cushions? Not staying.

The grungy (not original) carpet was ripped out as well as the (not original) vinyl in the bathroom.

All ready for priming!

All clear on this side, too.

The only part I find really scary: the bathroom. Maybe I will make Steven do this part!


Elizabeth said...

so coool! i want one of these too!

Michelle... said...

so very cool! I love vintage Airstreams, what a great way to go camping!

Livinia Redlips said...

Love it - cannot wait to see it once you've worked your magic on it!

Anonymous said...

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april said...

I don't envy the hard work, but I do envy your lovely Airstream! My hubby and I dream of owning one someday.

Jen B. said...

I happened upon your blog--my husband and I recently bought a 1967 airstream safari this summer..looking to chat with others that have restored one..we live in Lenexa,KS..would love to talk with you.