Sunday, April 18, 2010

fireplace re-do part two: custom cabinets

For the fireplace, I know vaguely what I want... Cabinets to store components in, as well as board games and such. Shelves that go all the way to the ceiling for our record collection. Cleaning up and painting the brickwork. Creating a mantle. Boxing in the chimney with planks, and creating a built-in for the flat panel TV.

I didn't do any detailed drawings. I wasn't sure how the angles and lines would come together... so we are flying by the seat of our pants on this one.

This is the space for the cabinet and shelves:

Yesterday, the cabinet was built. Stock cabinets at the hardware store didn't have the right dimensions, and we didn't want to have to cobble something together. Custom was the only way to go, in this case. My requirements were simple -- it couldn't have a toekick, because early cabinets went straight to the floor without a kick space. It needed to include two functional vents (just like we did in Bowie's room), since there was an existing vent there.

So here is what we have so far: (Obviously, doors are yet to come).

To make the shelves a bit chunkier, decorative molding was added:

I really am a sucker for a mitered corner. The counter of the cabinet wraps around into the fireplace. It makes for a nice finishing touch:

I ordered icebox latches for the doors. Also, the doors will not be solid wood. Since we are using the space for components and will want the remotes to work, I chose decorative metal screens for the centers of the doors.
I plan on painting the cabinet the same color as the fireplace bricks and staining the counter top to much the trim in living room.


Helen said...

... lookin' might good!

Helen said...

typed way too fast ... mighty good!

sherwhy said...

Please share more about the metal screens you chose for your doors. I need to figure out something that will allow a remote to work through. I was going to use a linen fabric but your ideas sounds pretty neat!

puck said...

Sherwhy -

Stay tuned... I will be showing how we are making the doors in the next post. :)