Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anna French wallpaper... to die for!!!

While I totally HATE wallpaper since I have had to remove such hideous paper from the walls of my home... I found some that I am just absolutely enamored with.

Anna French Wallpaper is just dreamy... Can you imagine covering the inside of your kitchen cabinets? Or papering your bathroom or bedroom? Or making beautiful hat boxes?
I am sure this stuff would kill my budget, but I think it would be dreamy in my walk-in closet.


niartist said...

I am with you - hate wallpaper as I've had to remove it from one too many walls - but I do like the idea of using metallic patterned wallpaper on hatboxes, and decorative trunks - heck, even a full piece of furniture would look fantastic in this! Good eye, Puck!

Stacy P. said...

You have an eye for beautiful stuff. I love the metallic wallpaper. It's not too much on the eyes. Thank you for sharing, it's a delight to read.