Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Home, Then and Now

Can you believe it is the same house?

This photo is from the 1911 Baker University Yearbook... It is almost a bungalow, save for the swoopy pitched roof. The shingles, ballastrades and interior of the house are Queen Anne.

The "Now" picture is after we did our first round of landscaping in 2007. This Spring, the gardens will be just amazing... I cannot wait for the lilacs and peonies... I have already planned out what changes to make, etc. So exciting. It will be a long winter!

With such sweeping changes made in the late 40s, I don't feel the need to remain 100% historically accurate. I look at my cottage and feel as though it belongs in the English Cotswolds... so I am really focusing taking it in that direction... and really, my gardens are going to be AMAZING this spring. It somes takes a couple years for everything to fill in as it should. I cannot wait for the lilac and peonies!


MIMILEE said...

I love your cottage of stone! So Charming!

niartist said...

No, I can't beleive it's the same house! WOWZA!