Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come on Springtime!!

I am pathetic really. Just a few snows into Winter, and I am already wishing for Spring and planning my garden edits. In keeping with my "Cotswold Cottage" dreams, I have been steadily planting the entire yard with flower beds since we moved in. It started with a bed stretching across the entire front of the house featuring wisteria, roses, peonies, salivia, hydrangea, lilacs, flowering almonds, etc. Next was the small bed to the side of the front porch with russian sage, sweet pea, carpet roses, sea thrifts, allium, baby's breath and more. Next year was the entire side yard with a huge winding path, benches, and tons more lilacs, roses, butterfly bush, hydrangeas, rhododendrens, bleeding heart, catmint, lavender, echinacea, shasty daisy, etc.

As the gardens mature, I like to edit and move things around... So I am very exciting to bring in more lavender and allium, prune back the catmint a bit... If only it were Spring.

Perhaps I should try some Winter gardening and force some bulbs indoors.

Here are some plants that I adore and plan on adding to the gardens:


niartist said...

Oooo, ok - so I added allum, or alium, the purple decorative onion you have in the first photo to my garden this past spring. LOVE IT! You will too - but it spreads like wild fire, and I've heard hard to contain - same with the lambsear, though - I didn't have much luck with that this year. Can't wait til Summer!

puck said...

I do have a couple allium already out there but I am afraid my catsmint might have choked it out.

Oh, and my lambs ear was really nice. I like the fuzzy soft plant mixed in. Gives so much texture.

I can tell we are going to have a blast in the spring time! I will take a ton of pics and get your advice. I overplanted because I like a nice full garden but will need to thin out this year since it is a bit more established. I do love the English look - just full and a bit unkept...

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