Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my latest adventure

Don't send out search parties... I haven't gone missing. I accepted a job in Denver. Well, Englewood, Colorado. I fly out Monday and return home to Kansas Thursday nights. Work from home Friday, and then teach college courses Friday night.

This means I am a busy girl. But employed, which is so important since Steven quit his job to go back to school full-time. (And once he finished his degree, maybe the roles can reverse and I will have a Sugar Daddy!)

I have been checking in each night and the boys are doing well. I am not sure how much home work Steven gets done with the 4 boys. But I did put the boys in a new daycare, so he does get *some* quiet time.

I am told that at daycare today, while playing outside, Bowie told Gina (new daycare lady) Bug! Bug! Not sure what he meant at first, she soon spotted a big bumblebee in his hair. She managed to shoo the bee out of his hair. His daily note said he was very brave. That's my boy!

Friday, I hope to work a bit on my Queen Anne chairs in the living room, sew a few pillows and develop a plan of attack for the sofa slipcover. The pendant lights for the kitchen will arrive anytime now, and we picked up half of the wood for the ceiling - so I expect some progress in the kitchen this weekend!


Linda/"Mom" said...

* That's QUITE a schedule, ESPECIALLY for a young mother... know you are doing what you have to do, and my hat's off to you!!!

Blessings & wishing you always-safe-journeys!!!
Warmest, Linda in AZ *

Helen said...

I am very impressed, Ms. Puck ~ very impressed. Not only with you, but the entire family unit for hanging in there during what has to be a big transition. Happy flying and good luck in your new position.

Livinia Redlips said...

Well congrats on your new job!