Friday, September 11, 2009

utensil rack made from plumbing fixtures!

Steven finished another one of my little kitchen projects and I am so excited to share it with you! It turned out so nice, a vast improvement over the "before" kitchen, and it makes it a lot more tolerable to live with until we can do the big overhaul. (Steven is into vintage radios now, in case you are wondering about the radio. It works! He has a collection going.)

Ta da!!!!

In case you can't remember how horrible it looked when we moved in... Here is the kitchen as we were priming the cabinets. The doors are off everything here. I really didn't like the little hole in the wall looking into the dining room, or the wine rack. Aren't the sponge painting and the borders the best?


A close-up of the area Steven fixed. I only have this picture, we happened to snap it as our little guy was having a snack. He is now 2. Big boy!!!
Infinitely better, right? After he did the beadboard backsplashes, Steven took out the wine rack and put in the shelf. I decided the area beneath the shelf needed a utensil rack. I wasn't finding one I liked, so I asked Steven to make me one. I got the brass valves, copper pipe and flanges in the plumbing section of Home Depot. Steven warns not to solder the components together because it discolored the copper pipe. He drilled holes and used little brass screws on the back, they look nice but you can't even see them! The vintage utensils were bought on the cheap at Good Ju Ju in Kansas City.

Close-up of the shelf & rack:

And the rack:

How lucky am I to have such a handy guy around the house? :)

Plumbing fixtures, lumber: Home Depot
Blue french oven: & kitchen timer: Martha Stewart, Macy's
Duck platter & cow creamer: Fishs Eddy
Squash jam pot & colorful spoons: Anthropologie
Wine bottle: a guest left it at our house
Eiffel Tower: Hobby Lobby
Utensils: vintage, Good Ju Ju
Radio: vintage, Craigslist


bagelpower said...

OMG - love this idea. Love that used Copper and the valves...awesome!!! We have used pipe all over our house and LOVE IT and even made furniture out of it but this is gorgeous, great addition to the kitchen.

R said...

That is so unique! Much better than the pricey holders.

Carla said...

I love it! I love it! Love it!

Anonymous said...

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trade plumbing supplies said...

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Jessica said...

How have the beadboard backsplashes held up? I put some in my bathroom & spilled water has made it swell up in one spot. Any issues? I like the idea but wonder how it would hold up over time?

puck said...

We have had them in place for over a year... no problems to report as of yet. I would suggest, though, if you feel moisture might be a problem, to seal the backsplash with some poly. I didn't seal ours, but that would be additional insurance. :)