Thursday, July 2, 2009

first glimpse: the garden path

The path is really looking great! Steven and the boys finished up the weeding, and Steven rolled out the mesh until we ran out (oops!). I loaded up the wheelbarrow with stones and dumped them onto the path until I thought my hands and back were going to give out. Steven, manly man that he is, finished the last loads himself.

With a trip to Home Depot to get some more mesh, we have enough to wrap up the path today. So I can move on to a new problem... more about that in a bit. I shall call that "Operation Catmint."

Here are some pictures of the path, and stay tuned later for more pictures and information on "Operation Catmint."

A close-up of the path. The stones look very pretty when wet, but when dry, well... they look like stones. But I can't believe how great it is to walk on a real path and not a muddy mess! That is catmint overhanging the path... can you guess what Operation Catmint might be?
Here is a quick shot of the path... this is going from the slate sidewalk around the side of the house. The path goes all the way to our back yard. See those giant bushy catmint plants? See where I am going with this? Oh, and our neighbors house in the background. Our neighbor is elderly and wheelchair bound, so his yard usually is pretty straggly. Steven hits a lot of it with the lawnmower since his SIL isn't always over to mow. The fence we are building will give a nice buffer and block out the view of his AC unit there.

So, what do you think? Looks like it's getting better, right?

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