Monday, July 6, 2009

a walk along the new garden path

A few more garden shots, and a little FAQ...

As I said last week, we worked (HARD!) on putting in the garden path that runs beside the house, from the front porch to the fenced off "dog yard." The "dog yard" is the area we let the pups run about, beside our garage, but before you get to the backyard.

I also took the time to do a LOT of editing in the side gardens. I put in a lot of catmint the last couple years, and it got out of control. While we enjoyed the bushy, full look it gave us, it began choking out the other plants. I transplanted the catmint to the other side of the house since the Japanese maple and the Tinkerbell lilac would be big enough to stand their ground against the catmint.

It looks nice from a distance, but up-close, all that bushy catmint had taken over.

Honestly, the little plants beneath all that catmint seemed to say THANK YOU! Once the catmint was out, I was able to access the back layer of plants for a good pruning. I moved the trellis over for the sweet pea since it had grown too tall for the structure it was on, Russian sage got a nice shaping, etc.

Next came the new plants to fill in where the catmint was... Geranium, allium, sedum, cheddars, etc. filled the void.

The are scrawny now, but soon, the new baby plants will bush out and spill onto the path to give me that lush cottage garden look I love.

Ignore the hose and you'll see the neat little peak at the rose garden just around the blue spruce.

The sitting area in the back. I have the baby blue cushions for the bench in the wash. I will share with you the rose garden (to the right) when we get the salvaged gates moved in. Steven replaced this section of the fence and built the cute little double-opening gate. I asked for a scalloped pattern and black, and he did a great job!

The daisy garden around the copper wash basin. I fell in love with the puffy pink echinacea. Soon, the Big Daddy hydrangea will have puffy pink blooms as well. Nothing in the basin yet... maybe this weekend?

Any gardening successes at your home?


kerrie said...

What a gorgeous garden! Looks so, um, cottagey :)

Siiri said...

Puck, this all looking too fabulous! Come to Seattle and help me revive the crap yard of my rental house! On the way home from the Grand Coulee Dam this weekend (where we camped, in Central Washington) I saw a cottage of stone, and thought of you. I passed by it too quickly and couldn't really ask Paul to go back, because of course he was on a mission, but I took a mental picture and vowed to tell you about it. Their yard has NOTHING on yours!

puck said...

ahhh.... that is so sweet! thank you for remembering me! :)