Tuesday, July 21, 2009

snuggly bench in the rose garden

It's another rainy day in Baldwin City, Kansas. It is supposed to be rainy all week, in fact. Yesterday afternoon, Steven and I enjoyed the rain from the front porch, sipping Earl Gray tea and flipping through some books he picked up at Half Price Books.

Saturday morning, I hit World Market in need of some new cushions for the bench in the sideyard. The baby blue ones from last year were all rusted and it didn't come out in the wash. They happened to have their outdoor stuff 30 - 50% off. I scooped up 2 cushions, 2 toss pillows and a picnic blanket for the bench. We sat on it briefly Sunday night, but with the rain, haven't been able to use it again.

I was hoping for pink, blue and aqua jewel tones, but with Autumn rolling up, the color schemes are, of course, changing. I loved the flower illustrations on the toss pillows, so I was hooked.

Steven made the little paver patio for the bench last year. We put the rocks in for the path a few weeks ago. This area is in our side yard. It overlooks the rose garden. To the right of the bench is a wash basin I rehabbed, daisies, double pink echinacea and a Big Daddy pink hydrangea that has yet to bloom this year.
While Steven is enjoying the rain days at his job, I am hoping for some sunshine so I can get out in the yard. How is the weather where you are at?

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