Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a ton of rock for the path... literally!

These guys are called "mini jacks." They are large rocks, about 2-3" in size and are varying black and whites, mainly white with black speckles. I originally fell in love with the all-black, smooth mexican beach pebbles, but my budget couldn't afford them. So we went with these mini jacks at Sturgis landscaping for $150 a ton.

It may not look like a lot, but this is a bit over a ton (1.16 tons to be exact). At Sturgis, they had me weigh the truck before and after. I like that - some places estimate by approximately how much is in a Bobcat scoop.

Steven thinks the path will need another load - which will make a LOT of rocks! He needs to do a bit of leveling work on the little paver pad he built along our path for our little scrolly bench... the rain has been washing away the sand and causing havoc with his pavers. He will get everything back to square, lock it in with some paver retaining edger stuff, and then start laying the landscaping mesh on the path. (After the boys finish weeding the path, of course). We put in the garden path last year but haven't gottenaround to the rocks until now... So, here we go!

I really can't wait to share pictures of the path with you all. We see it in our head and it looks so pretty! I have some editting to do in the garden since last year... my catmints all got 3 times bigger than the tags said. My entire garden is being taken over by giant, bushy catmint. So I need to transplant the catmint where they are less invasive and replace them with something less bushy. Maybe some pink forget-me-knots.

Any suggestions on a pretty, cottage-y plant that gets, oh, 6-8" high and is pink or purple? :)

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you are on!!! go see!