Monday, June 29, 2009

more salvaging, gates, doors and wood!

The barn and house have finally been leveled for the highway project, so Steven can rest a day or two before our next big challenge (yardwork!). Steven received only a days notice that the barn would be leveled, so he braved the 100 degree heat and got to play with a chainsaw. (The fun of the chainsaw was cancelled out by the dive-bombing wasps and extreme heat). But the finds he made are fabulous and definitely worth it. Someday, Bowie will be old enough to understand that his walls are made out of wood from an old barn. Every time he looks at his walls, he can image the horses that might have lived in the barn. (There were haylofts and pulleys, so we know it was a fully functioning barn.)

OK, OK... Here is the stuff!
You all won't be as excited about the wood as we are, of course. But hopefully you can appreciate taking something that was going to be bulldozed and burned, and turning it into a beautiful wall in a nursery! What really made us want this wood are the gorgeous saw marks. We are told these saw marks were made by an old tractor blade.
Another shot of the saw marks.
I don't know what I will do with this old door, but we knew it had to be saved. It has perfect glass in it, it just needs some TLC.
Look at the detail on the top of the door. How could this be thrown away?
Here are two mismatched iron gates. They are super heavy! I plan on using these for my climbing roses. I have wooden trellis in the rose garden now, but these are one of a kind and hsould be quite charming.
The handle on one of the gates. Still works!
An old wooden door. I don't know what we will do with it, but it has character.

My favorite part of the door- an old leather strap for a handle.

Not sure where we will put this old gate yet... but it will find a home somewhere in the yard.

Stay tuned... I will be picking up the rock for the path that runs through our side-yard garden. Once the path is done, I will be able to share pictures of it with you for the first time. I can't wait!!


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Okay I am in love with your husband. He and you both do what I love to do- rescue old stuff to use again. I would take that beautiful door with the glass and use it on your potting shed if not then add a bench to the bottom of it and some hooks on the side and make a wonderful looking hall tree. It is a beautiful door and should be saved and used again.

I love the wood and can just see the nursery looking so good.

Good job you two - for saving history from the landfill.


its so very cheri said...

Its so fun to turn something old and ugly or unused any more into something beautiful and useful.
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