Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my confession for the week...

Sometimes I think having a big kitchen is more difficult to organize than having a small kitchen. Our kitchen is 21.5 x 15.5 feet... it seems like we have a jillion cabinets. Lots of cabinets is great for storage, but it also means we have WAY to much space for things to collect. You know how easy it is to cram something into a cabinet and shut the door, right?

So I have a confession... I took all the doors off the upper cabinets on one side of my kitchen. The other side, we left them on. The side with the open cabinets are all nicely organized and tidy like these:

The closed cabinets... notsomuch. I never had even bothered to paint the insides of the cabinets. And the doors have these bizarre grooves routed into them:

This cabinet is the worst of them all. This is where the medicine, paper bags, aluminium foil and baggies somehow got shoved into:
So, I started with the "easy" cabinet today. This one already had a bunch of stuff put into binnies. I took all the bins out and painted the inside of the cabinet. While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I put new (clear) contact paper on all the open shelves.
I also organized the binnies a little better. Perhaps I got a little too anal retentive when I organized all the birthday candles into ziplock baggies:

All my sprinkles were already in a binny. I just love cupcakes and sprinkles are a happy thing, aren't they?
Once the paint dried, I lined the shelves of the cabinet and put the binnies back in. It hought about painting the back of the cabinet a bright green, but for now I like the simple white. I will pick up some more pink binnies so they will all match. They are $1.50 at Walmart.

Oh, while the paint was drying, I found the first fun craft to do with that paper I blogged about yesterday...

My grilling spears will never tumble out of the cabinets again! I took an old drink mix container and covered it with some scrapbook paper. I thought about mod-podging it, but just used doublestick tape. Less messy.
1 cabinet down... 5 uppers to go. Not sure I will have the stamina to do 32 lowers. They are tidy, but haven't been painted on the inside... Yikes!

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you are too cute!