Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a door for the outdoors

I am sooo happy to share our latest Potting Shed acquisition with you! I mentioned Habitat Restore to you all before in my Kitchen Hardware on the Cheap post. Basically, it is in association with Habitat for Humanity, and people can donate used (or new) building materials and such. They have everything from light fixtures to tile to windows.

We picked up 4 antique wood shutters, which will either be used as shutters for those antique windows Steven salvaged from a tear-down since they happen to be the same size, or possibly as shelves in the shed when matched up to some brackets... that is undecided.

My new favorite thing though is this door that we got 20% off on at Habitat Restore:

Once I saw the crackly stained glass, I was in love:

The door is circa early 1900s, according to the tag. It is really heavy and has great old hinges, so I would tend to agree on the age estimate.

So I will really have to begin work on a new shed design that incorporates the two antique windows and this door, which will lead from the potting shed area into the little screen porch on the left side.

Oh, tonight Steven will be hitting another teardown for some antique kitchen cabinets. From teh pictures he took, I am really excited since they are exactly the look I am going for in my shed.

For those wondering about all these tear-downs I am referring to... Steven is in civil engineering (without being too specific). He is working on a new highway project that has enacted eminient domain. Now, as a historic preservationist, eminient domain can make me sad, if gorgeous buildings are being taken out for no reason. In this case, the existing highway has so many fatalities on it, that a safer highway has to happen. And everyone is taking great care to respect the families and the homes impacted. Steven happened to know one of the home owners (the house where we got the windows), and the owner was happy that someone was doing good things with the materials, rather than just having them hit a landfill.

So hopefully tomorrow I will have some kitchen cabinets to share with you. I hope you will continue to follow the Journey of My Potting Shed. I think it will be an amazing project. I would love to hear about any resources you all run across. :) One book I am looking at ordering, maybe on Overstock, is called Shed Chic and is all about people making sheds into great workspaces! Also, Country Garden Magazine has done some awesome pictorials on potting sheds lately.


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Okay I have to say I am love with all the items you have for your potting shed. I too want a potting shed and want it out of all recycled and repurposed items. I love the restores though it seems yours has much better inventory. I have 3 - 3.5 that I hit. Ours in this town sucks so it only gets a .5 status. :)
I will look into the chic sheds book sounds very interesting.
Keep posting the pics and I will keep on reading about it. Now don't go do it too well or I'll have to fly your hubby out here to build me one :)

puck said...

tammy - i will let you know if i get that book. i want it soooo much! i have 3 garden magazines that just did potting shed layouts that i loved. :)

i think all second hand stores are hit and miss. some days it is all junk, and then bam, i get a great chair or a pie safe.

i do all my shopping on a budget, because hey, nowadays, don't we all?