Thursday, February 5, 2009

kitchen hardware on the cheap

my new-t0-me hardware for less than $20 for the room

You may remember from my dream kitchen post that I want to someday have black bin pulls and icebox latches. Until now, I was living with these ugly brass and porcelin things. I can not even describe how ugly they are. The knobs aren't so bad, but the pulls? Little porcelin circles that have a brass wire pull connecting them. Gross!! But I don't want to plunk down a couple hundred bucks on new hardware when I still have the same cheap cabinets.

There is a store in Lawrence, KS called Habitat Restore. Basically, things are donated to the store that they pull from old houses or are extra materials on job sites. For 25 cents a knob and 50 cents a pull, I found these:

Which, after primer and a few coats of gloss black paint, became this:

So for less than $20, I got a room full of new-to-me hardware that looks like this:

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its so very cheri said...

Awesome job on the pulls. I used to live in KC and so next time I am back I'll have to check out that store.
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