Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Puck's picks for a frugal living room

I was surfing around the 'net a bit and found a wallpaper I love. (Not that I am a wallpaper fan... actually, I believe the people who owned this house before me may just have in fact been the anti-christ do to their use of wallpaper which took me hours to steam off the walls)... but I digress...

I quickly did a search and found a few pieces to go with this wallpaper and since they are so affordable, I thought I would share! The wallpaper is actually shiny, you just can't tell from this picture.

Arthouse Wallcoverings, Lily Motif in Duck Egg

Ceana Chairs in Mocha, $419 for the pair at Target

Taupe leather loveseat, $499 at bizchair

Franklin side table in black, $119, at linensource

So what would you pair with this? Rug? Trunk for a coffee table? Linens and sheers?

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